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Your fleet outsourcing has advantages and disadvantages. A frequent drawback are the costs that fleet management entails. And it's hard to work out these outsourcing. The biggest advantage of fleet management is that what until now has been an afterthought or even neglected, will now be located with an expert. That means that you are well informed, and get advice so that you can save on car costs!

Fleet and choices
In our method, we perform a scan and identify your needs. We propose a plan with options. We arrange with suppliers and conduct the final mediation plan to full fleet management. The following points will be extensively discussed.

Depreciation. (50% of the total vehicle operating costs)
•Leasing companies in 2008 and 2009 collected a lot of loss. The reason was that the calculated residual values were higher than the actual yield. Depreciation accounts for 50% of the total vehicle costs. A good estimate of the residual value at the end of the period of use is essential.

Repair, maintenance and tire costs. (15% of the total vehicle operating costs)
•Leasing companies allow cars to be maintained in universal dealerships, if connected with a reputable trade association. The difference in hourly rates compared to dealers is up to 40%.

Interest. (6 to 10% of the total vehicle operating costs)
•How necessary is it for cars to access external funding? Several options for the total fleet outsourcing and yet self-finance.

Insurance. (About 10 to 12% of the total vehicle operating costs)
•What type of insurance best fits you? How and to what extent can we arrange your own risk and no claim statements and how can you benefit from it?

Useful estimate.
•When thinking off/ buying a car is the expected useful life of significance. A suitable choice can save you a lot.

Make and model choice.
•Where preference and use in combination with the expected operating costs is viewed, a good estimate of the expected costs are incurred.

The car scheme for employees.
•Who is entitled to what car? And when?

More information on Rene Haafkes fleet management.
Fleet management is not just when you want to save costs!
If you want more information or to make an appointment right away? Please contact Rene Haafkes via e-mail or telephone for an appointment on your fleet managment!

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